We can provide a complete fabrication and install service for a wide range of roofing & cladding systems, including those listed and pictured below including (if required) the substrate. We can even take on single ply membranes as part of our overall package. We can provide a full Insurance Backed Guarantee for our workmanship for up to 30 years.


We serve London, Essex, Kent, Hampshire (Including the Isle of Wight) and the surrounding Areas. Not sure if you're in our operating area? Contact us with you location and general requirements.


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Standing Seam (Zinc, Copper, Aluminium, Steel)

Vertical Standing Seam

Batten Roll (Zinc, Aluminium, Steel)

Horizontal Standing Seam

Traditional Copper, Traditional Lead

Single Lock Panels

Rainwater Systems

Interlocking Panels (Cassette)

Zinc and Copper Cladding

Zinc Roofing


Copper Roofing



Lead Roofing


Zinc (VM Zinc, Rheinzink, NedZink & More)


Stainless Steel Roofing


Copper (KME, Aurubis)



Prelaq PLX Coated Steel

Bay Windows


Uginox Terne Coated Stainless Steel

Rimex Stainless Steel

Insurance Backed Guarantees Available

Full Public Liability Insurance

Many more materials available (contact us)




 Roofing Types

Standing Seam

This is the cheapest and fastest to install system we provide. Suitable for most applications where the roof pitch is 3 degrees or above (although 5 degrees is preferable). The seams can occur at varying intervals as per your design requirements. Standing seam roofing also has a number of specially designed options when installing man safe systems, access systems or solar arrays.



Batten Roll

Sometimes referred to as "Traditional Roofing" this method incorporates a timber batten in between each roofing sheet, to which the sheets are attached using metal strips. Lead roofs should always be installed into a roofing batten system.

The roof is ideal for roof pitches below 3 degrees.




Sometimes referred to as tiles, these can vary is size and shape. They are secured to the substrate at 3 points and locked into each other too, providing a strong alternative to slate and tiles. These shingles can also be installed to curved roofs or other structures with a complex shape. Using alternating colours of materials can create an interesting effect.



 Cladding Types

Standing Seam

The most common type of metal cladding and fast to install. Sheets can be installed in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Alternating sizes and widths of sheets is sometimes used to create a patterned effect.



Single Lock

A low profile style of cladding where the seams are very flat to the substrate. Sheets can be installed in both horizontal and vertical configurations.  Alternating sizes and widths of sheets is sometimes used to create a patterned effect. The length of these sheets is limited by the fabrication equipment used, with 2 - 3 metres being the most common length.



Cassette Panels

A relatively new development for non-ferrous materials. These panels give a very uniform and 3 dimensional look to the cladding. Made from 1mm thick material they are strong enough to withstand the daily pressures in both commercial and residential settings. Panels sizes are restricted to allow for thermal movement and limit the amount of quilting. This system requires a weather resistant backing membrane to be installed to the substrate first.



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